Industrial Division

Industrial Division

Serving all industries since 1960.

The CPS Industrial Division services the construction, commercial energy, pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum-chemical, marine, mining, fabrication, steel manufacturing, coke and coal production, and alternate fuel industries.

Our inventories include pipe, valves, and fittings in carbon, stainless steel, and chrome alloys, under a fully maintained and audited quality systems program. Our fleet of McElroy fusion machines and trained technicians are capable of fusing up to 65-inch diameter HDPE pipe and fittings.

We also offer a full range of electronic commerce, on-site materials management programs and customized 24-hour assistance. To better assist and serve our customers, our professional inside and outside sales staff provides special support services to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace.

Horizontal Miter Bandsaw

A cut above the rest.

Capable of precision fabrication and custom, low-tolerance specifications, the Behringer bandsaw expands our capabilities beyond anything we’ve done in the past.

Exceptional Selection

A full-line of fittings, valves, and specialty products from all the best manufacturers.

Fittings, valves, and specialty products to support every project.

Thread Shop

Threading, Beveling, and Grooving

Offering threading, beveling and victualic grooving to provide our clients what they need, the way they need it. If you have a need, just ask.

Full Service

We offer every service required for your project.

  • Steel Fabrication
  • McElroy Rentals, Service, and Support
  • McElroy Heater Plate Recoating
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Fusion Bond Epoxy
  • Controls, Meter Sets, and Valves
  • Full-line of ancillary gas products
  • Design and project consulting

Line Pipe

Strategically held inventory at locations across the country to quickly and easily service jobs nationwide.


Manufacturing and distributing PVC to the sewer and water industry nationwide.


Designing, fabricating, and delivering HDPE from western and eastern hubs.


All the fittings, valves, materials, and products necessary for your energy, oil & gas, utility, construction, water and sewer job.


Specialty Coatings

Internally and externally coating with the latest technologies.

More than 75 years experience in process control applications for the chemical, mining, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, steel, water, and waste-water industries. Call on us with your “problem” application and we will find you a solution.

Consolidated Controls

Helping you harness your full potential.

The Consolidated Controls staff has more than 45 years experience in process control applications in the chemical, mining, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, steel, water, and wastewater industries.

Common Valve Types

  • Gate Valves 
  • Butterfly Valves 
  • Plug Valves 
  • Check Valves 
  • Swing Check Valves 
  • Lift Check Valves 
  • Globe Valves 
  • Ball Valves 
  • Multi-Turn Valves 
  • Engineered Valves 
  • Specialty Valves 
  • Subsea Valves

Steel Fabrication

Steel engineered products designed, documented, and tested.

Consolidated Steel Fabrication designs and manufactures natural gas regulator stations, meter sets, and other steel engineered products in our Nashville, Tennessee facility. Each product is assembled in accordance with our clients’ specifications or from engineer-approved plans and specifications.

Our National Network

We excel at working across the nation and have developed long-term relationships in all corners of the country. CPS has partnered with companies, municipalities, and industries in almost every state. We have more than 50 offices, multiple stocking yards, and fabrication facilities strategically located across the United States.